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Agroventures: Rotorua Bungy

Rotorua's 43 metre Bungy Jump

Rotorua Bungy Jump

The edge....there is no honest way to explain it, because the only people who really know where it is the ones who have gone over. (Quote by Hunter S Thompson)

So jump into the experience of a lifetime with New Zealand's best value Bungy. When you stand 43 meters high (143ft) on the edge, looking out across the idyllic Paradise Valley  you get a taste of what god must feel like....just before he bungy jumps!

Secured around your calves and ankles, attached to 3 safety cords you quickly realize why Rotorua Bungy is synonymous with safety and why it has been popularized as the best introductory Bungy jump in the country. Share the fun/fear with a friend and go tandem.

Keen to jump but (you) don't think you'll make it over the edge? No problem! Let us know before you sign up and we'll fix you to a Bungy Master who'll do the hard work for you.... It's all part of our service (with Ahhhhhh!! smile).

Height: 43 metres or 143 ft
Interesting Fact: We use an internal safety cord, we also use ankle straps and a redundant waist harness. Every jumper receives a congratulatory certificate of completion. Bungy reduces cholesterol levels. (not)
If you like: Living on the edge, taking the plunge, leaps of faith or fishing then Rotorua Bungy is for you!

Legal Note: In New Zealand the legal age for bungy jumping is 10 years and over. If you are aged between 10-16 years of age, you will need to gain parental or guardian consent before you jump.  

All of these awesome activities are located at Agroventures Adventure Park LTD. Get the biggest addrenalin rush available!
Located 10 minutes drive from central Rotorua, located just off State Highway 5, 600 metres up Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha.

Rotorua's 43 metre Bungy Jump

Rotorua's 43 metre Bungy Jump

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