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Summertime - 3 day/2 night Whitsundays Sailing Adventures - Sail and Dive

It is always Summertime on Summertime...  Only vessel in the region that has enough kayaks for ALL passengers for a kayaking safari! Sailing and scuba diving provide an action packed adventure! FULLY air-conditioned vessel, nine of the latest inflatable two person kayaks, DVD/PC, hot ...

Winner of the 2009 Golden Backpacker Awards for Best Tour Operator in Queensland

3 days/2 nights   

16 Guests

Price includes:
-GST, National Park & Great Barrier Reef Marine Park entry fees
-Administration fees
-Professional skipper & crew
-Hot tub
-Fresh linen including Bath Towel
-All meals freshly prepared onboard
-Kayaks onboard for ALL guests 
-Snorkelling equipment, use of wetsuits/snorkel suits

Optional extra costs:
-Onboard Scuba Diving
-BYO alcohol (no glass)

Medical Requirements:

To ensure your comfort and safety when diving, it is a requirement that you read the following questions carefully. If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, you will be required to obtain a diver's medical certificate. This certificate must be presented to your dive instructor prior to entering the water

  • Do you currently have an ear infection?
  • Do you have a history of ear disease, hearing loss or problems with balance?
  • Do you have a history of ear or sinus surgery?
  • Are you currently suffering from a cold, congestion, sinusitis or bronchitis?
  • Do you have a history of respiratory problems, sever attack of hayfever or allergies or lung disease?
  • Have you had a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) or history of chest surgery?
  • Do you have active asthma or history of emphysema or tuberculosis?
  • Are you currently taking medication that carries a warning about any impairment of your physical or mental abilities?
  • Do you have behavioural health problems or a nervous system disorder?
  • Are you or could be pregnant?
  • Are you over 45?
  • Are you over 45 and have a family history of heart attack or stroke?
  • Do you have a history or colostomy?
  • Do you have a history or diabetes, heart disease or heart attack, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?
  • Do you have a history of high blood pressure, angina, or take medication to control blood pressure?
  • Do you have a history of bleeding or other blood disorders?
  • Do you have a history of seizures, blackouts or fainting, convulsions or epilepsy or take medications to prevent them?
  • Do you have a history of back, arm or leg problems following an injury, fracture or surgery?
  • Do you have a history of fear of closed or open spaces or panic attacks (claustrophobia or agoraphobia?

Owner Operator Quality WCBIA Member

Please note we provide a small soft bag to pack into, you're unable to take your own luggage on board the vessel

After you are welcomed aboard by our friendly crew, the lines are thrown away and you're underway.  As the sails are raised you settle in on the teak decks for the ride.  Our crew take this opportunity to guide you through some safety and snorkeling briefs as you leave the bustling mainland behind… and the magic of sailing begins to set in with the gentle lap of the ocean against the hull and a frothy trail in your wake.

The only vessel in the Whitsundays to offer unique kayaking adventures, a Summertime voyage promotes eco friendly exploration of the islands as you glide quietly into hidden inlets or secret beaches and soak up the ever changing but always magnificent scenery.  This would have to be one of the worlds most ideal paddling playgrounds and these 2 person kayaks make for the perfect Whitsundays expedition!  Our kayaks open up a whole new world accessible only to shallow water craft.  In action you will paddle leisurely around picturesque inlets, watching for the odd turtle or stingray and as the crystal clear water shallows all types of fish can been seen below as you paddle past ancient trees - and watch out for the beauty of a magnificent sea eagle soaring above!  Alternately, embarking on a longer blue water expedition from one cove to another with the Coral Sea stretching endlessly before you is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. There's so much wildlife to see and endless waterways to explore in the Whitsundays, many accessible only by shallow water craft. Our kayaks are extremely easy to paddle and are very comfy. It's a great way to explore with minimal human impact and our crew possess an intimate knowledge of the islands, their wildlife and ecology. As they guide you through this ancient marine wonderland, you not only enjoy a lot of fun and some amazing scenery but also gain valuable insights into the unique ecology and wildlife of this amazing island chain.

Departs: Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach, 9:00am, Thursdays & Sundays

Returns: 3:30pm, Saturdays & Tuesdays

Summertime has dive packages
1 dive  - $70.00
2 dives - $110.00
3 dives - $150.00
4 dives - $200.00 with a free T-Shirt 
Dive Photos DVD - $30

**Special dietary requirements other than straight vegetarian are subject to a surcharge of $18 per person and payable on check in**